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Promote a healthy environment and create value for all participants in the value chain by offering premium quality food products.

Achieve maximum quality control through vertical integration and use the latest technology to produce the highest quality and healthiest product on the market. Our vision is to become a leader in the production of table eggs in the region.

complete process


We are rearing pullets for our own needs and for sale exclusively in our own state-of-the-art facilities and in this way we have table eggs in cage and barn egg production. With stable high quality without compromise, we have become a large producer of feed that we use for our own farms, as well as for sale to our long-term partners.


Egg, a symbol of perfection is very popular because
of its valuable ingredients and its many ways of preparation.

The strength and resistance of the shell depends largely on minerals and vitamins in the diet of the hens, primarily calcium.

The fresh egg whites are shimmering and when cooked it turns white. The yellow or greenish discoloration comes from riboflavin.

Yolk constitutes 30 percent of the egg’s liquid mass. Egg yolk has an energy value of 59 calories. The color depends on what the chickens feed on.