About us
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About us


Creating value with the help of professional, motivated and
satisfied employees.

Promote a healthy environment and create value for all participants in the value chain by offering premium quality food products and caring for the environment.


Become a leader in the production of table eggs in the region.

Achieve maximum quality control through vertical integration and use the latest technology to produce the highest quality and healthiest product on the market.


High quality – we do our best to keep our products and

services at highest quality


Reliability – to be a reliable partner to our customers and suppliers


Long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and creditors – create a pleasant and friendly relationship with the stakeholders of the company based on mutual trust


Team spirit – essential for achieving a common goal for which we are mutually responsible


Innovation – be a leader in innovation


Agreks d.o.o. is part of the community in which it lives and works, and we will always be ready to improve our environment and make it better for everybody.

In the decades behind us Agreks d.o.o. has been a regular sponsor of numerous sports clubs and tournaments, many cultural and artistic societies, events…