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From a small flock of several thousand chickens, Agreks d.o.o. is
today the largest regional company in its industry.

Agreks d.o.o. was founded in 1991 in the beautiful Posavina village of Donji ┼Żabar. From the very beginning, the company stood out from the competition with the vision of its management, dedication of its employees, constant improvement of knowledge and looking to the future. The main activities are the production of table eggs, day-old chicks, 18-week-old laying hens and feed.

Today, Agreks d.o.o. is a company that operates and offer its products on the European market, and with the quality of its products is growing year by year and today is a partner of the largest European retail chains.

Agreks d.o.o. offer its products under the brand name Naj jaje, naj daje and it has a completely integrated production process from field to table, which means that our expert employees, in cooperation with the most reputable institutions of our country, monitor and strictly control the entire process of production and distribution of our products.